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Real Estate Law

Whether you are involved in the purchase or sale of real estate, it is crucial that you feel protected.  It is not uncommon for a real estate broker or agent to prepare a preliminary contract.  Notwithstanding, most real estate professionals will remind you that you should take advantage of the five-day attorney review process.  By the same token, title agents who handle closings warn buyers and sellers that they are not lawyers.  They, too, often emphasize the need for experienced legal counsel.

The New Jersey Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona. takes care of residential and commercial real estate matters for purchasers, sellers, developers, and brokers. Although our office is located in New Jersey, we have also represented clients in surrounding regions.  In some cases, we have also helped clients who need our representation even though their physical location is out of state.

Our team of attorneys employs many years of experience in dealing with real estate transactions.  In some cases, we are also called upon to serve as legal counsel in real estate litigation matters.

New Jersey Real Estate Lawyers

You may be unaware of the many nuances involved in New Jersey real estate laws as it applied to both commercial and residential properties.  For starters, both buyers and sellers need to ensure that the sales contract protects their interests.  However, there are other matters that a real estate attorney can handle on your behalf.  

At the Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona ., our practice is all-inclusive when it comes to real estate matters.   Some of the issues we have been involved with include the following:

  • Real estate contract review
  • Purchase and sale of residential properties
  • Buying and selling commercial real estate
  • Bank/broker/merchant representation
  • Representation at real estate closings
  • Disputes that arise in easements
  • Foreclosure – we represent lenders and property owners in all areas of foreclosure proceedings
  • Preparation of deed of assignment
  • Clearing of liens
  • Real estate litigation 

Our team of experienced real estate lawyers realizes that the purchase of real property is likely one of your biggest investments.  Our goal is to make the process simpler.
Real Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, in some circumstances, real estate litigation can become a reality.  Our office has assisted clients who have experienced a breach of contract.  Likewise, we have handled disputes arising out of misrepresentation, the return of deposits, and other legal issues.
Our New Jersey real estate litigation attorneys are dedicated to preserving your rights, no matter the size of the transaction.  We fight to mitigate any prospective losses.
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As New Jersey real estate attorneys, we have represented a number of clients involved in the sale and purchase of real property.  Whether your property is commercial or residential, we are prepared to help.   Please contact us to see how we can assist you.

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