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Bus Accidents

As a matter of course, many people consider a bus to be a safe transportation option.  Since buses are subjected to many government regulations, there is an assumption that buses are safer than cars. Although bus accidents are far less frequent than automobile crashes, they do happen.  As a result, passengers, and even the driver can suffer severe injuries.

Many people ride the bus in New Jersey on a daily basis.   If you’re someone who commutes by bus, you expect that a bus driver is ready, focused, and fully rested in order to safely operate the bus.  When you step into the bus, you may also assume that the bus is properly maintained, mechanically sound, and fully operational. The bitter truth, though, is that the bus drivers or bus owners can be negligent. As a result, passengers may end up with serious injuries or even fatal consequences.

At the New Jersey Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C., we have represented a number of people who have been involved in bus crashes.  In some cases, it was not the fault of the bus driver or bus company.  Other motor vehicle operators may be found responsible for the incident that caused your injuries.

Bus Accident Attorneys New Jersey

Many factors may contribute to a bus accident.  In investigating a personal injury claim involving a bus crash, it is important to determine the circumstances of the accident.  Your bus accident injuries may have been related to one of the following:

  • Bus or other motor vehicle failed to yield;
  • Bus was improperly maintained or repaired;
  • Bus operator was driving while intoxicated or impaired;
  • Bus was driven at an excessive rate of speed;
  • Bus driver failed to pay attention to traffic signs or signals;
  • Bus was not equipped for weather conditions;
  • Bus operator was fatigued or had a medical issue;
  • Bus driver was improperly trained.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive.  Your injuries while traveling on a bus may have occurred for a variety of other reasons.  As experienced New Jersey bus accident attorneys, we will advise you concerning the feasibility of pursuing a claim.  We will also make sure all necessary notices are filed within the requistive time limitations.

We Can Help With Your Bus Accident Injury Claim

As with any other type of injury claim, you need time to recover from a bus accident.  The demands of dealing with an insurance company can add to your stress levels.   You may be asked to sign or give statements without legal counsel.   These may later hurt you when you seek monetary damages for your injuries. Bus Accident Attorneys New Jersey

We want to help you through the maze of pursuing a claim that arises from a bus crash.  Our bus accident lawyers have the experience to guide you through the process.  Contact our offices for a no obligation and complimentary consultation.

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