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Personal Injury

Any type of accident has the potential to cause severe personal injury.  Unfortunately, in some cases, the harm can be life changing and call for extensive medical and rehabilitative services.  Sadly, another party’s actions or mistakes can also result in the unexpected demise of a loved one.  In personal injury law, this type of accidental loss is known as a wrongful death. 

At the New Jersey Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C., we have experience handling a number of different types of accident cases, also known as personal injury matters.   Personal injury is broadly defined as physical and/or emotional harm that comes as a consequence of someone’s negligence or carelessness.  Many insurance companies use the words “bodily injury” in handling personal injury claims.

Workers’ compensation cases are also considered a part of personal injury law.  Notwithstanding, an individual who is injured at work does not have to prove fault.  Most work-related accidents are considered compensable and provide specified benefits.  

The same is not true with other types of personal injury matters.  In order to receive monetary damages for a motor vehicle or slip and fall accident, you must first prove liability.  Additionally, you must demonstrate evidence of damages that are related to your injuries.

New Jersey Accident Lawyers Ready to Help

In some cases, injury victims attempt to deal with the insurance company on their own.  This is not advisable for a number of reasons.  For one, many injured parties are unfamiliar with time sensitive notice requirements.  Your claim could be denied for failing to prepare and serve appropriate legal notices of your claim.

Additionally, insurance company adjuster are trained to protect their insured’s interests.   You need the benefit of an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney to advocate on your behalf.

You should know that not all personal injury cases go to court.  Please be assured that our attorneys are experienced negotiators who will attempt to settle your claim.  Sometimes, this may even save the time and cost of pursuing a lawsuit.   When necessary, we will file the case in the appropriate court and be by your side through the trial stages.

Our office has the resources to see that your claim is thoroughly investigated and that all necessary evidence is accumulated.  Ultimately, our goal is to see that you are awarded fair compensation for your injuries and associated economic losses.

Personal Injury Lawyers New Jersey

Where do you begin?  With the help of our experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys, you can determine whether or not you have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Here’s an overview of the most common personal injury cases and situations we can help you with:

  • Automobile accident 
  • Bicycle accident 
  • Bus accident 
  • Motorcycle accident 
  • Pedestrian accident 
  • Premises liability / Slip and Fall
  • Truck accident 
  • Workers compensation
  • Wrongful death 

Our experienced and motivated personal injury lawyers will make sure that you are properly advised and guided every step of what can be a complex legal process. Rest assured that we will fight aggressively to make sure you are adequately and fairly compensated.

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 If you or your loved one has suffered personal injury in any type of accident, the New Jersey Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C. would like to assist you.  We are just a phone call away and will meet with to your convenience.  

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