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Residential Landlord-Tenant

Residential Landlord-Tenant

Whether you are a landlord or tenant involved in the rental of residential real estate, there are a number of aspects of New Jersey law that are important to you.   For example, you should be aware there are different rules that apply to owner-occupied premises as opposed to multi-family apartment dwellings.

At the New Jersey Law Firm of Law Offices of DiFrancia and DeDona P.C., we have assisted a number of clients concerning rental of residential property.  Additionally, our close proximity to the Jersey shore has proven to be an excellent resource for both landlords and tenants with short-term lease questions for vacation rentals.

Experienced New Jersey Landlord Tenant Attorneys

It is in the best interests of both landlords and tenants to validate the terms of their rental agreement by way of a written lease.   Some lease agreements may be found online or purchased in office supply stores.  However, the problem with using standardized forms is that they are not New Jersey specific.  This may not be an issue unless either the landlord or tenant later fails to comply with the terms of the lease.

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