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Commercial Landlord-Tenant

Commercial Landlord-Tenant

It may be as simple as the fact that you’ve outgrown existing commercial space.  However, there’s also the chance that you are a business looking to set up a new location.  Meanwhile, it may be that you or your organization has an office, warehouse, or retail footage available for lease.

Whatever, the case, you should know that entering into a commercial lease agreement can be complicated.   Here, in New Jersey, different types of contracts are acceptable when leasing commercial space.  It is crucial that you are versed on what works well for your business. In best case scenarios, an attorney with experience in commercial leasing can not only help negotiate the terms but also ensure that the language of the legal document matches your expectations.

The New Jersey Law Firm of DiFrancia and DeDona P.C.  has many years of experience helping both lessors and lessees with commercial lease agreements.   We provide plain language explanations of the terms, rights, and obligations for both parties.

Experienced New Jersey Landlord Tenant Attorneys
Like many states, different lease agreements are used depending on the type of business that is renting the commercial space.   Here are some examples of common lease agreements used for business tenants:

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