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There are a number of reasons that individuals and/or businesses find it more acceptable to rent property rather than the purchase of it.  However, just like every other real estate transaction, it is crucial that both landlords and tenants protect their legal interests.
In some cases, this might start with the negotiation of the terms of the lease itself.

Although many landlords may use preprinted forms, these do not necessarily capture the intended purpose of the lease agreement.  Many times, this can result in unforeseeable issues.  This begins to accentuate the need for seeking legal counsel.

The lawyers of the New Jersey Law Firm of Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona are well prepared to find answers to a wide range of leasing problems.  Our team is not just experienced in residential properties.  We also work with both landlords and tenants on drafting commercial lease agreements for office, industrial and retail space. 

Experienced New Jersey Landlord Tenant Attorneys

Our landlord-tenant practice extends beyond lease negotiation, drafting, review, and execution.   There are particular distinctions in New Jersey law as they pertain to removing tenants from leased properties.  Eviction proceedings are heard in Landlord Tenant Court, which falls under the auspices of New Jersey’s Superior Court, Special Civil Part.

More often than not, eviction is a result of issues with non-payment of rent.  Notwithstanding, there may be other matters related to removal.  In some cases, a tenant may need to bring a landlord to court to seek resolution of particular problems.  For example, the landlord may have failed to make necessary repairs, provide access to utilities, or comply with the lease agreement.

Meanwhile, we provide legal advice to landlords and tenants concerning claims for breach of lease agreements and in cases of willful damage of property, or its misuse.

The Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona. work with an extensive variety of individuals and businesses regarding their leasing needs. We handle all issues identified with home/apartment rentals, as well as companies, industries, offices and retail leases.  

We are cognizant of the differences between residential and commercial lease agreements and adapt our representation in accordance with the appropriate laws.

We Can Help You

Whether your concerns involve either a commercial or residential lease agreements, our New Jersey landlord-tenant lawyers are prepared to assist you.  Contact us to set up an appointment as soon as possible!

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