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Are you facing burglary charges?  In other states, burglary is referred to as a felony crime.  Here in New Jersey, burglary is considered an indictable offense.  Essentially, this means that a grand jury felt there was sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime.  When your case is called to trial, you will also have the benefit of a jury hearing your case.  

Any type of indictable offense carries serious penalties.  At the Law Office of DiFrancia & DeDona, P.C., we recognize the critical nature of burglary charges.  We are diligent in reviewing evidence for possible discrepancies.  This includes, but is not limited to, seeking out witness statements and other relevant documentation.  
We also make appropriate discovery requests to learn what evidence the prosecution intends to produce at the time of trial.  This may consist of police reports, photographs/videos and anything else expected to document your charges.

Our criminal defense attorneys will also review the circumstances of your arrest.  Are there search and seizure issues?  Were you properly read your rights and properly allowed access to counsel?   Are there reasons your case should be dismissed?

New Jersey Burglary Defense Attorneys

As you may know, it is quite possible to be accused of burglary without being charged with theft.  Under New Jersey law, the definition of burglary appears in NJSA 2C:18-2.  Here is a simple breakdown of the reasons you may find yourself in need of a lawyer experienced in handling burglary charges:

  • You entered premises that were locked without permission
  • You wrongfully went into a portion of premises that was secured 
  • You secretly remained somewhere when you weren’t authorized or privileged to do so
  • You trespassed in or upon utility company property even though there was conspicuous posting or enclosures forbidding access

As burglary defense lawyers, we find that many of our clients are confused by their charges.  After all, they associate burglary with theft.  Even if you walked into a building to steal something and decided against it, you could find yourself facing burglary charges.

Penalties for Burglary Convictions in New Jersey

In many cases, burglary is classified as a third-degree felony. Third-degree felonies carry a sentence of up to five years in New Jersey’s state prison system.  Although our initial goal is to see acquittal on your behalf, it may be in your best interests to discuss a plea bargain.  Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced negotiated who must receive authorization from you before agreeing to accept a guilty plea to lesser charges.

There are a few incidences when your burglary charge may be considered a second-degree felony.  This is true when bodily injury is used or threatened.   If you are accused of using explosives or a deadly weapon in conjunction with your offense, you may also be facing a second-degree felony conviction.  The associated penalties include up to ten years imprisonment.

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