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Christopher DiFrancia, Esq.

As a long time Southern New Jersey resident, Attorney Christopher DiFrancia brings several attributes to his legal partnership.  It’s not just that he knows the geography and has experience with the local laws.  Chris also knows the area people and prides himself on providing legal representation to help them.

When it comes to looking for legal counsel, some people say the best place to start is home.  Attorney Christopher DiFrancia fits that bill.  While he was at Pinelands Regional, Chris was involved in Wrestling, Football, Student Council, Honor Society, SADD, and the Academic Challenge Club.  Meanwhile, he was never afraid to get his hands dirty.  Sometimes, that meant doing some grunt work on construction jobs.

Chris received his undergraduate degree at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  His course of studies was in Philosophy and Religion.  There, Chris learned a great deal about critical thinking and logical analysis.  Both were undoubtedly precursors to his continuing education that led him to obtain a law degree from Rutgers University in Camden.

Upon law school completion, Chris had the privilege of working as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Thomas E. O’Brien in the New Jersey Superior Court system.  Here, he gained exposure to how the courts worked in both jury and non-jury trials.

The next step in Chris’ legal career was employment as an associate attorney for a well-established law firm.  Chris enjoyed that the law practice was diversified and exposed him to a number of practice areas.   One day he could be working on real estate transactions.  On others, Chris was heavily engrossed in preparing discovery for a litigation matter.

Ultimately, Chris decided to set up his own shop.   He has deep personal beliefs that include a commitment to helping those who really don’t understand the legal system.  Not surprisingly, Chris put up a shingle right near home.

When it comes to testimonials about Chris, clients can’t help but remark on his understanding and empathic nature.   He works hard to make everyone feel at ease.  Although Chris is respected as a forceful legal advocate, he is also dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions to pressing legal issues.

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