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For many, buying residential real estate will be the most significant investment in their lifetime.  Understandably, a home purchase can also be an emotional and overwhelming experience.  Whether you are buying a starter home, ocean front property or into a retirement community, you need to make sure your legal rights are protected.

Without question, sellers also need legal advice when it comes to residential real estate transactions.  For some, it might initially seem like a cost savings to forego the payment of real estate agent commission.  The decision to put up a “Sale by Owner” sign and do it yourself comes with its share of problems.  At the very least, you need an experienced real estate attorney to help you through the steps.

Real estate companies have incentives to advertise and sell your property.  For that reason, you often have a better chance of a more expedient real estate transaction.   Additionally, in most cases, a real estate broker or agent writes a form contract for sale.  Notwithstanding, the contract is subject to what is known as three-day attorney review.   

At the Ocean County Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C., we have helped a number of buyers and sellers close on residential real estate properties.  We communicate with lenders on your behalf.   We ensure that sales contracts contain the necessary language to protect our clients, whether they are the buyer or seller.

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For example, contingencies are often advisable in real estate sales agreements.  Likewise, some standard language in the sales contract may not apply or represent prospective legal issues.  Our job is to make sure the sales contract contains more than standard boilerplate language.

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Rather than purchase existing construction, you may decide to build your dream house.  You should know there are many legal requirements when it comes to new construction.  For example, if you are considering a waterfront property, you need to know the law regarding whether your new house needs to be built on stilts.  Are special hurricane windows also requisite?

The benefits of working with the New Jersey residential real estate lawyers who also understand construction law are plentiful.  DiFrancia & DeDona P.C. can assist you with the planning stages through completion of the proposed project.

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The lawyers of Ocean County Law Firm of Law Offices of DiFrancia and DeDona P.C. have broad experience in dealing with residential real estate transactions at all levels.  From planning, negotiation to closing, we are here to assist you.  Contact us online or call us today.