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Healthcare Power of Attorney

Many people wrongfully associate estate planning as dealing solely with legal documents to be used in the event of death.  Although a last will and testament or trust are essential estate planning tools, a healthcare power of attorney is also crucial.  You may hear a healthcare power of attorney abbreviated as a healthcare POA or a medical POA.  A medical power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney are synonymous terms.  

A medical POA or healthcare power of attorney is a special type of legal authorization when it comes to making medical decisions on your behalf.  The document stipulates the identity of the person or persons you find trustworthy to make health care decisions in your name and on your behalf. Essentially, the healthcare POA determines who will be your healthcare representative when the time comes you are no longer able to make decisions on your own. Again, this is a particular POA type, which focuses entirely on healthcare-related decisions. 

In the event that you are not able to speak for yourself, your healthcare representative is charged with making decisions concerning all medical procedures and care.

Selecting a Healthcare Representative

At the Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C., our experienced Ocean County healthcare power of attorney lawyers will help you by drafting a tailored medical POA.  Our goal is to do so quickly and smoothly. Together, we will evaluate the most suitable candidates for your healthcare representative.  The selection process should give you peace of mind if you have problems making decisions for yourself.

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Who should you pick when it comes to making medical directives if you are incapacitated?  It may be a family member or your closest friend. Also, it is often a wise idea to name more than one person.  This may prove necessary if your primary choice won’t be able to honor your wishes due to unexpected circumstances. 

You should not worry that the healthcare POA will make you give up control over your life. Here's something important and worth remembering. Your healthcare representative will be allowed to act in accordance with the medical power of attorney only you are clearly unable to make decisions on your own. 

Healthcare power of attorneys are based entirely on your personal choices and decisions. This means that you can change, adjust, or revoke the named representatives at any moment to best reflect your preferences.

What about a Living Will?

One of the frequent misconceptions of medical power of attorneys and living wills is that they are one and the same.  Our office will help counsel you on the differences.  You may find that you are more comfortable with the language of a living will.  A living will is an advanced medical directive and is more specific concerning your desires about medical care, life-saving measures, and procedures.  A healthcare POA turns over the authority to a specified representative.  That person is charged with making these same decisions based on what they believe are what you want if you could speak for yourself.

Contact Experienced Healthcare POA Lawyers in New Jersey Today

The purpose of a medical POA is to provide comfort that someone you trust is looking out for your welfare as it applies to your health.  Notwithstanding, a healthcare power of attorney does not apply to your financial affairs.  As experienced estate planning attorneys in New Jersey, our office can help you prepare documents that place someone in charge of matters dealing with your estate if you are incapacitated.  In some cases, that may be the same person.

Our lawyers will help you discuss the best options for your future healthcare plans and directives. Feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced healthcare lawyers right now. At the Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C., we want our clients to feel that their needs will be met if they are not able to make their own medical decisions.