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You have a business plan, and think you are on target to a great venture.  Meanwhile, there’s something you should know.  Every successful business partnership begins with a bulletproof partnership agreement that's able to stand the test of time.

A team of experienced business lawyers can make sure that you get an agreement that's perfectly suited to your particular New Jersey company’s needs. You need to build your long-term partnership relationships on solid foundations. What's even more important for you to remember is that the key to the successful solution of all potential partnership disputes is spelled out in the initial agreement. 

Ocean County Business Lawyers DiFrancia & DeDona P.C. have experience helping business owners select the right entity for their needs.  This includes forming partnerships of all types and sizes, as well as the accompanying documents.

Determining if a Partnership is Right for Your Business
When determining what type of partnership entity is right for your business, there are several considerations.  For one, tax consequences should be a major concern.  How do you intend to handle profits and losses?  What about prospective liabilities?   You should also know that under New Jersey law, there are three types of partnerships:

  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Limited Partnerships
  • General Partnerships

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There may be intricacies in the law that highlight the importance of retaining an attorney with experience in business law.  For example, did you know that certain terms are actually prohibited in partnership agreements?  This is just one of many reasons you need an experienced partnership attorney on your side.

A well-written partnership agreement is designed to make your business partnership run smoothly and anticipate potential disputes, both within your partnership and outside of it. The partnership agreement should serve as a reference document outlining precisely the scope of all the rights and obligations every partner has in your business. Negotiating these sensitive issues can be challenging, which actually highlights the need to commit them to paper.

The Law Offices of DiFrancia & DeDona P.C., have extensive experience dealing with the essential elements of businesses that have formed as partnerships. You can have peace of mind because you know that your partnership is in good and skillful hands of our partnership attorneys. 

Partnership Disputes and Resolution

Often, the more complicated part of any partnership lawyer’s work is to handle the disputes among the partners. When a partnership dissolves, the experience can be quite emotional.  The partners will undoubtedly be focused on what they perceive as their rights, obligations, and especially their share of a partnership. With the help of strategic, timely, and tailored advice given by our team of partnership attorneys you can avoid lengthy and costly partnership lawsuits. 

It is tough to watch some best friends and the most trusted business partners transform into enemies.  As business lawyers, we often witness how a surprising and an unexpected success of a partnership can completely change the perspective of its partners. Our job is to come up with a fair and just solution for all parties involved. 

If you want to leave a partnership or some of your partners plan to do it, we can be of great help and assistance. You may need to take care of Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements in order to protect your partnership's interests. Every single question or issue arising from the partnership can be addressed appropriately and efficiently with the help of our firm’s business law attorneys.

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